The Never-Ending Golf Lesson

Revamping Your Swing Can Be a Slice Of Pure Hell … or a Hook of Heaven
never-ending golf lesson calder

Boy, I guess it IS true. The more things change, the more they stay the same. And that goes for a golf lesson, too. I say that as I make my way through some of my favorite editions of “Weekend Wisdom,” an all-things-golf column I wrote as editor of Fairways + Greens magazine from 1998 Read more…

Joe LaCava And The Caddie In Our Heads

joe lacava and tiger woods

You’ve gotta hand it to longtime PGA Tour caddie Joe LaCava for standing by his man. When Tiger Woods decided to roll the dice on a third major back surgery in 2017 — the dreaded “fusion” move that has truncated many an athletic career — the former bag man for Freddie Couples (who’s had a Read more…

Masters 2019 Is Tiger’s Greatest Win Ever

It’s Also Worth Savoring Forever
masters 2019 tiger by andrew redington

Now this is a Masters hangover we’d like to last a while. And it will. A lifetime, maybe. Perhaps it’s not as deep a “where were you” moment as, say, the 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing (for those of us old enough to remember it), or various other epochal instances of triumph and tragedy, but Read more…

Who Will Win The 2019 Masters?

Golf Tips Top 25 Instructors Chime In
tiger woods win

The Masters is a high holiday for all golf fans, from casual to serious to obsessed. It attracts more attention than any other tournament, even though its field, on balance, is the weakest among the year’s four men’s professional majors. It’s unique. It’s fully American. And if you ask any Tour player which major they’d Read more…

Masters Memories … And Lessons

masters memories jack and gary

Note: Like the rest of the world, Golf Tips is all about the Masters this week. Editor Vic Williams will chime in each day with his thoughts on the world’s greatest golf tournament, starting with some Masters memories of his own. As the week plays out and the competition heats up, follow us on Twitter Read more…

Sergio’s Match Play Madness

Why His Blown Tap-In Is A Big Deal
sergio garcia

You gotta love match play. There’s simply nowhere to hide, especially when you’re well-documented hothead Sergio Garcia. A mistake in match play usually means the loss of a hole, no questions asked, unless you’re well-documented nice guy Matt Kuchar. The quarterfinal match between the two PGA Tour veterans last Saturday brought the vagaries of match Read more…

Should Golf Have ‘Flagrant Fouls’ Like College Basketball?

Webb’s Tangle With The Rule Book Begs The Question
college basketball webb simpson

Like most Americans with a pulse, I’m dialed in to college basketball for the next few weeks. In fact, I’ve been immersed in it since last fall, when the Nevada men’s Wolf Pack was picked to win the Mountain West Conference in a walk and even got a few nods as a Final Four candidate. Read more…

The Players Marches Into Nail-Biting View

Holes 17 (And 18) Assure A Wild Week
The Players Stadium No. 17 at TPC Sawgrass

All is right with the golf world, at least for this week. The Players Championship is back in March, where it belongs. And the 17th hole of the Stadium Course at TPC Sawgrass is as famously perplexing, as mini-mega menacing, as ever. Is there a par 3 in the world — outside, perhaps, No. 12 Read more…

Dan Jenkins Changed Golf, And Golf Writing, Forever

He Covered The Sport With Peerless Wit
dan jenkins

When I learned of Dan Jenkins’ death at age 89 on March 7, I debated whether to offer a few choice words on one of the greatest golf writers, and sports writers in general, who ever put tobacco-stained fingers to a keyboard. Then I realized that “a few choice words” were Jenkins’ stock-in-trade for seven Read more…

Backstopping Is An Issue Only For Tour Players

For The Rest Of Us? Not So Much
backstopping jutanugarn

The day I’m good enough at golf to ask a playing partner not to mark his ball on the green, then take aim at that ball with the expectation to actually hit it in classic backstopping form, is the day … Oh, who am I kidding? I’ll never be that good. Nor will 99.999 percent Read more…