Wedges 2018: Ben Hogan TK

ben hogan tk wedge

In keeping with its namesake legend’s ultra-accurate game, The Ben Hogan TK wedges were “Engineered for accuracy.  Forged for feel.” The wedges offer a unique V-Sole sole for excellent versatility from any lie.

Wedges have to be the most precisely engineered clubs in your bag.  That’s why Hogan engineers designed their wedges independently of one another with focused precision. Each wedge is designed independently to maximize performance to each loft. The TK wedges are offered in every degree 44 to 63 degrees. They are forged to provide excellent feel and feedback and have a 100 percent CNC milled face for exceptional spin.

In Ben Hogan TK wedges, engineers re-distributed the mass more evenly across the back of the club head to fix every swing fault.  In turn, they deliver more penetrating trajectories on full swings, and the distance control on all shots that is so important to scoring range performance.  Plus, Ben Hogan TK wedges are easier to flight down and much more responsive to those “in-between” shots around the greens.

With Ben Hogan TK wedges, as loft decreases from the lob wedge down to the gap wedge, some of the mass is gradually redistributed more toward the heel and toe, and higher on the club head. This ensures optimum trajectories on full shots, and improved distance control anywhere. And shots caught high on the face fly almost exactly like a well-struck shot.

Distance control is the real measure of a good wedge player.  Ben Hogan TK wedges are engineered to help you be the best wedge player you can be. | Check the price on Amazon!

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