Four Great Summer Golf Products

It’s high summer with wall-to-wall daylight, warm temps and a whole of of golf to be played. Golf Tips editors tracked down a few items that’ll add a little extra sun-splashed fun and comfort to every round.


Available in six frame styles and paired with the highest grade shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses and performance coatings found only in the most expensive eyewear, REKS are ideal for an active lifestyle — including golf, of course — or everyday wear. With unbreakable frames and scratch and shatter-resistant lenses, REKS is a must for golfers.

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Carpe was invented by a couple of college roommates who suffered from a condition called hyperhidrosis or “excessive sweating”; they were desperate to find something to help cut down their sweat, so they invented a product that’s been adopted by golfers, tennis players, and others. Carpe is gentle enough for everyday use, but strong enough to keep your hands feeling clean and dry even in humid or rainy weather; a pea-sized dab is all you need to ward off slippery paws.  Along with silica and talc, its formula uses aluminum sesquichlorohydate, which is found in many extra-strength underarm antiperspirants. The company also makes an antiperspirant foot lotion.

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A true boon for summertime golfers, myFlipShade is a convenient flip-over shade that allows smartphone users to read their screen in direct sunlight by preventing glare and adds a barrier of protection that blocks pesky eyes from reading the screen. Attach the myFlipShade accessory to any smartphone and quickly deploy a pop-up shade to block sunlight, rain and snow from your device screen so you can use it without squinting or bending in any outdoor conditions. myFlipShade slides onto the top of the phone and stays in place using a durable adhesive strip. It can be used to prop up the phone to watch videos as well. You can even charge wirelessly without removing it.

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Summer is the perfect season for getting out the cart and actually walking a round of golf. That means making sure your feet are comfortable through all 18 holes, but often they’ll start feeling “heavy” or sore after the front nine. CEP Compression Socks remedy the effects of a full day on your feet — promoting maximum blood circulation by pushing blood though your legs back to the heart to get those feet and leg muscles the fresh, oxygenated blood they need. The short “no show” models are the perfect summer golf shoe accompaniment.

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