Four Fine Accessories To Keep In Your Golf Bag

Every day brings a great new golf accessory into play, giving us yet more ways to fill those golf bag pockets with something more than balls, tees and green repair tools. The following items are fun, functional, even healthy — and just might help you knock a few strokes off the scorecard.


Ever use a GPS app on the course or range? Of course, you do, which is what makes SUC-IT such a natural for tech-savvy players. The SUC-IT is a small silicone suction cup that clips to your phone, letting you go hands-free while checking yardage or any number of other uses. We found that it easily adheres to the windshield or support bar of a golf cart so you can take a video of your swing, record your partner’s swing, listen to music, set a timer and take selfies of your foursome … whatever. If you’re brave, stick the powerful suction cup above you on a ceiling or overhang, clip on your phone and record your move from above for a different perspective. And, of course, it’ll come in handy in the car, where you definitely need to go hands-free. The SUC-IT comes in 10 colors and features adjustable clips for different sized phones and phone cases. It will fit most phones and cases depending on the clip settings chosen. Once the SUC-IT is in place, the suction cup will securely attach to any smooth surface.


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