Buyers Guide 2017: Zamst Sports Compression Braces

Zamst Sports Knee BraceAs golf’s bedrock demographic ages into late middle age and beyond, we’re seeing more limping and gingerly turns on the tee boxes of America. Orthopedic issues are no joke for the game’s Baby Boomer set, and that’s why a respected company like Zamst Sports, with its full lineup of knee, shoulder, elbow, wrist and back braces, is such a godsend.

Designed and built after extensive research by medical professionals, Zamst Sports’ wide array of flexible yet powerful joint protection products has been popular in Asia for decades but is now making inroads in the United States. “Our parent company has been around for 45 years, from Japan,” said company representative Rich Smith. “Zamst was founded about 25 years ago, after an orthopedic surgeon couldn’t find a suirable brace for volleyball players. Out of that came the A2-DX, which supports four major ankle injuries. Steph Curry wears it to keep him on the court. We continue to develop products for elite athletes, and this brace is more than enough for the weekend warrior.”

Of course, golfers are a big part of that “army,” so Zamst Sports stands at attention to help them play pain-free. “We’ve had a lot of success getting into the golf space. We’ve been busy. Injuries are prevalent out there. Pro shops don’t have a solution for their captive audience. We have a solution for them. We’re a best in class, premium athletic bracing support company. We’re not just general compression, which you see a lot of out there. We support certain ligaments, cartilage and tendons at various levels, and our product are about 30 percent lighter on average, with full range of motion. They’re bit to form and fit every skeletal structure properly. One of these braces has 20 different materials and 18 different parts. They’re breathable. It makes a big difference. The small JK (Jumper’s Knee) band is probably our biggest seller. It doesn’t lay flat; it’s designed to wrap around the knee. We know the human body inside and out.” The JK is among the company’s simpler products, but some folks need more knee-shoring ammo, such as the SK-3 or MK-3 calf-to-thigh models.

“These give patella and tendinities support with single-density foam, no D-rings to maintain flexibility,” Smith said. The same commitment to movement and full-on support goes for its arm sleeve, lower back, elbow, shoulder and wrist braces, too. “We offer solutions, not band-aids.”

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