Mark Your Golf Milestones, Part 1

A Roadmap To Breaking Scoring Barriers
milestones 1 opener

Our lives are filled with milestones — significant dates and events within our lives that mark your coming of age. Whether it be the day you married, the birth of your first child, the wedding of a son or daughter, or the day you retire, milestones play a significant part in each person’s life. With Read more…

A Closed Club Face Can Be Good

Fast Swing Speeds Can Handle It

We’re often told that a closed club face is a bad thing, and it is sometimes. Then again, it can be a good thing if other swing conditions fall into place. Let’s take a look at wrist action during the swing and what happens when you change conditions from address to the top, and how Read more…

Be Your Best Driver Of The Golf Ball

Two Positions To Put You Far Down The Fairway

I’m a huge believer that awareness is half the battle when it comes to improving one’s game. We’d all like to our best driver — to drive the ball as long and straight as top PGA Tour players. Most of us will never be able to achieve the overall distance of a Dustin Johnson, Cameron Read more…

Learn To Rule Greens With Putt Ruler

Simple Device Makes Perfect Contact Possible
putt ruler opener

I have known The Putt Ruler inventor Bob Walton for over 25 years. We were introduced by our mutual friend Bob Ford, head PGA Professional at Seminole and past head professional at Oakmont. Bob Walton is as passionate a golfer as any living and breathing human being I have ever met on this planet. So Read more…

Get Your Golf Short Game On Plane

Most of you struggle with your golf short game because you swing the club too far inside on your takeaway. When we videotaped the best short game players we found when the club reaches parallel to the ground on the takeaway the club was parallel to the target line. So how do we learn the Read more…