Hot Springs Village, Arkansas

Conquer nine courses at America's largest gated community

While historians today credit Leif Ericson with the European discovery of America (Leif Ericson settled present-day Newfoundland over 1,000 years ago), modern European exploration, of course, is traced to Christopher Columbus.

Jason Day

One of the game's longest drivers can kill it...with a three-wood

At just 24, it seems like Jason Day has already been around for a long time.

One-Club Wonder!

Who needs 14 clubs? Your 6-iron can do just about anything.

A typical 6-iron has a loft of 30°, which places it between your pitching wedge (48°) and driver (approximately 9_¡).

The Sequence

What to look for when you analyze your own swing

With the advent of swing-analysis apps for laptops, smartphones and tablets, it’s now easier than ever to record and analyze your golf swing.

Ballpark It!

Keep your club in the ballpark range!

When it comes to making a golf swing, it’s safe to say that there’s really no one right way to do it.

Bunker Control

Get up and down from the kitty litter

Without question, most amateurs make playing from the bunker more difficult than it needs to be.

Dance The Waltz

Turn your swing into a dance move

Sometimes the simplest way to improve your golf game is to concentrate on basic fundamentals.

Increase Your Smash Factor

Quick Tips To Bomb Your Next Drive
Increase your smash factor

The average amateur has a smash factor of about 1.20. What’s this mean?