Build An Athletic Golf Swing

Sporting goods and household items are the key to a softer swing!

If anyone has ever told you that the golf swing is an athletic move, they’re right.

Mind The Gap

How high should you tee it?

if you really want to hit longer and straighter drives, you have to remember a couple key variables.

Give Your Swing A Tune Up

Fix your swing faults and lower your score in 30 minutes

It’s already the middle of the golf season, and I’m sure some of you are finding yourselves stuck in a rut.

July-August 2011

The latest in golf equipment, instruction, training aids, apparel & more

ACCESSORIES BOXGROOVE If you’ve ever wanted to play a private course but just couldn’t get on, you may have finally found your "in." A new service called Boxgroove affords its members a chance to play on private courses all over America. As of May 2011, 357 private courses in 45 states are participating, including Moon Read more…

Steve Marino

Unorthodox swing, classic impact

Looking at this beautiful impact position of Steve Marino, you’d think he possessed a classic swing.

Talkin’ Shafts

What's new in shaft technology

With the proliferation of golf shafts, both in composite and steel, there’s never been a better time to let shaft companies speak their mind.

The Putt-Chip Shot

"Putt" your chips to get up and down

The putt-chip is a shot that I encourage all of my students to learn at our golf school.

Clap Your Hands

Find the proper impact position

Most of the time, when we hear of a player collapsing under the pressure of tournament golf, the breakdown happens somewhere late in the event.

Dangerous Distance

Cobra's lineup is a knockout

Cobra Golf has finally found its rightful nesting place in today’s golf market: right smack-dab in the middle.

Five Questions With Mark King

CEO & President, TaylorMade-Adidas Golf

We don’t know at this point if our new R11 and Burner SuperFast 2.0 metalwoods have encouraged people to take up golf.