Reach Your Golf Milestones 2020, Part 1

Get The Year Off To A Sweet-Scoring Start

It’s time to get started with your plans to reach or exceed your golf milestone goals for 2020. Breaking through your barriers this year starts now, no matter what the weather conditions. BREAKING 100 Is Your Pre-Shot Routine Ready? Whether you realize it or not, you routinely do the same things each time you execute Read more…

Use Circle Drill To Master Swing Plane

Hands On One, Club On The Other
circle drill featured

One of the most important things I can do as a coach and instructor is to help my students understand why they hit the ball well—and what they are doing when they are not hitting it well. I always feel that their poor shots give the teacher and student the greatest opportunity to learn. Often, Read more…

Get On The Golf Balance Board

Training Aid Offers Instant Feedback

As far back as 1988 I built, by today’s standards, a very crude Balance Board.  Today’s version of the TPGOLF Balance Board has come light years in terms of stability and quality, as well as the uses I have developed. The original premise is simply, as its title suggests, to train, through live action and Read more…

How To Avoid That Golf Hazard

Don’t Get Nervous—Get Aggressive To Clear The Junk
golf hazard opener

Here we are facing one of the hardest shots facing any player: A 60-yard shot to the green, with a dreaded golf hazard in front and a bunker behind that. It’s a shot that takes a lot of commitment. Some players will go by the front of the green yardage — how far to just Read more…

How To Make A Proper Golf Swing Turn

Maintain Spine Angle For Balance And Power

One of the most difficult things for golfers to do is making a proper golf swing turn. Players tend to move either laterally (side to side) or vertically (away or toward the golf ball) as they swing the club. This additional movement in the swing creates imbalance, inconsistency, and slows down your club head speed. Read more…