How To Putt Like Jack Nicklaus

Forget The Release, Go For The Piston

Let’s talk about “releasing” the putter head. It’s discussed a lot among golf instructors, letting that head “pass” the hands as it goes through the impact zone, but is that what you really want to do? Putt like Jack Nicklaus, that’s what. Nicklaus, perhaps the greatest golfer, and putter, of all time, looked at and Read more…

Golf Gear 2019: Look For Lighter, Longer

What To Expect From The PGA Show And Beyond
golf gear 2019 featured

As a new golf equipment year, is upon us, consumers will hear the same refrains in regard to technology and innovation. Those are, that new versions of drivers, fairway metals, hybrids and irons — many of them to be shown off, struck and marketed at the annual PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando Jan. 22-25 — Read more…

Five Ways To Improve At Golf

improve at golf featured

There are many things in life we can’t control. As a golfer, we can’t control the weather, how the golf course is set up, and many other items. So they may not figure directly on how you can improve at golf. Then there are things in our lives we do have control of. Once placed Read more…

Simplify Your Sand Shots

sand shots opening photo

Golfers need to be proficient at two types of bunker or sand shots: from fairway bunkers and from greenside bunkers. Here’s a simple plan for each. The Fairway Bunker Shot The main priority here is to make solid contact between the club face and the ball.  This can be accomplished by using a similar setup Read more…

Keys To A Great Golf Stance

Find The Right Width For Maximum Power and Control

I’m a huge advocate of setting up your golf swing’s “launching pad” in a fundamentally sound condition. We hear a lot about the importance of a sound grip . We hear tons about your ability to properly align yourself to your target. We also hear how important a great athletic posture is to perform a Read more…

The 2018 Holiday Golf Gift Guide

If You Can’t Find The Perfect Present Here, You Can’t Find It
2018 holiday golf gift guide featured

There  has never been a better time to be a gear-loving golfer. Most people hang onto a set of clubs for years, but then again, distance-seeking and curve-correcting technology being what it is, we’d be crazy not to pine for a new set of sticks under the tree this time around. And shopping for the Read more…

The Art Of Feel Putting

Get Less Technical And Have More Fun
feel putting featured

As golf science advances and evolves we’ve become more dependent and focused upon what technically should happen throughout any shot in golf. It seems we consume ourselves with the ideal that if our effort to swing any club within a technologically “perfect” condition(s), we worry about how off target any shot will be. Putting is Read more…

How To Putt Like A Pro

Simple Drills With Simple Tools From Our Golf Bags

Touring pros work endlessly on distance control when putting. To putt like a pro, the two most important aspects of distance control are: Hitting your putt consistently in the center of the club. Maintaining the sense of even tempo back and through and matching the distance you take the putter back with the distance you Read more…

The Top 5 Golf Death Moves

Here’s How To Eliminate Them Once And For All
golf death moves opener

As we all know, golf is very hard, and for some it is even harder. It seems that golfers are an independent lot and tend to pick up the game, play and practice, with little regard to using the proper fundamentals at first. It’s only when they have “learned how to hit the ball” do Read more…

Putting Speed Control Made Simple

To Putt Well, It’s Important; To Master The Art Form, It’s Vital

At TP Golf Schools in Naples, Florida, every day I go to the lesson tee I will try — in an admittedly pre-meditated manner — to encourage my students to spend time with me on the putting green to work on speed control. Some will take the bait. Sadly, most will not. It is amazing Read more…