Draw The (Chalk) Line For Better Putting Stroke

A Simple Drill For Making More Knee-Knockers

Every once in a while you get one of those “aha” moments. I had one when I was playing in the PGA Junior Championship at Bellerive Country Club. I had lost the tournament due to my exceptionally poor putting from four feet and in. I vowed I would never allow that to happen again. So Read more…

Making The Case For A Square Clubface

Use This Training Aid To Get Straight

In a golf lesson, nothing is more important to achieving success on the lesson tee than clear, concise communication between a student and his or her coach. And that includes letting a student know when he or she achieves a square clubface. In life we use various media to communicate in a learning environment. We Read more…

Remember These Chipping Fundamentals

Having good fundamentals in chipping is so beneficial to creating solid contact. The two tendencies I see a lot of amateurs’ struggle with when chipping is using their hands to much and feeling like they need to lift the ball in the air. By creating some awareness in your chipping set up and motion, your Read more…

How To Pull Off Uphill And Downhill Pitches

Let The Slope Determine Your Set-Up

Playing mountain golf, a lot of times you can find yourself in tricky situations, with uphill or downhill lies. A lot of players tend to set up a little bit “off.” Let the golf course tell you how and where to stand for uphill and downhill pitches. UPHILL Here I have an uphill lie so Read more…

The Keep Your Left Arm Straight Myth

Concentrate On A Square Face Instead

Let’s discuss a big golf myth: Keep your left arm straight (or right arm for lefties). It’s one of Five Old Wives Tales in Golf. Keep your head down Keep your left arm straight (front arm) Shift your weight/turn your shoulders Hit the ball Follow through I don’t believe you should try to bend your Read more…

44 Ways To Play Better Golf

Easy Keys For Making The Most Of Every Round

Are you one of those golfers who absolutely pures it on the practice range with every club in the bag, but eventually goes into the tank during the course of play? It’s an unfortunate scenario experienced by a vast majority of golfers, most often caused by too little time dedicated to practice or too long a time period between rounds. For most golfers, the onset of trouble starts on the very first tee, where high anxiety invariably sends the tee shot deep into the woods.

Practice To Play Golf Forever

Understand Your Physical Limitations As You Age

One of the biggest things that all of us feel as we get older (I’m 48!) are the random aches and pains after spending too much time on the practice tee or working on short game. We need to learn to practice to play golf as long as we can. Hopefully forever. Let’s face it, Read more…

How To Play Golf Forever

The Fountain of Youth Exists — Just Ask The Golf Tips Top 25
play golf forever top 25

Let’s talk about every serious player’s goal: To play golf forever. No matter what age you are at this moment or where you are on the golf accomplishment spectrum — rank beginner to grizzled multi-decade vet — you can avoid the “autumn golf” phase of life for as long as you’d like. You can put Read more…

Mark Your Golf Milestones, Part 3

A Roadmap To Breaking Scoring Barriers

We’re getting into fall and cooler temps are the norm. It’s time you start ramping up your efforts to reach or surpass your Golf Milestones before the season catches up with you. BREAKING 100 Chip Shots are Your Savior If you haven’t learned by now, it’s time you do. Chances are no matter how bad Read more…

Swing Straight With The Right Foot Back Drill

You’ll Get Back On Plane In Minutes

I’m a big believer in having drills that will give my students the best opportunity to feel what he or she needs to — to swing straight, for instance. Once you feel it you have a much better chance of repeating it. I’ve used the right foot back drill in my teaching with every level Read more…