Swing Thoughts That Really Work

Think your way to a better golf swing now

Old-school golf instruction is full of imagery that was originally

created to help players make what were perceived as the the proper

moves in the swing. In those days, many of the technical aspects of the

golf swing weren’t completely understood, largely due to the lack of

video technology that exists today. Instead, players mostly relied on

feel, natural talent and repetition to hone their technique and overall

game. Not surprisingly, the average scores of recreational golfers

barely ever improved significantly, other than what was delivered by

technological advances in equipment and golf course conditioning.

40 Things You Need To Know About Your Equipment

If your gear has idly been sitting in the closet since the first snowfall, or if you’ve been enjoying year-round golf but failing to pay the attention your golf clubs deserve, then now’s the time to give your set a serious once-over and look for ways to improve its performance.