The New Rules

Tom Stickney, PGA, outlines the new rules for ballflight

Trackman data has helped instructors like me see the golf swing in a whole new light, especially as it relates to the part of the swing that’s hardest to see: impact.

Jordan Spieth

Key positions that unlock the secret to Jordan's success

Jordan Spieth is one of the up-and-comers on the PGA TOUR.

Is Your Camera Lying To You?

Guidelines for camera placements and what you should see from those placements

Have you ever wondered if what you see in magazines (yes, even this one) is showing you what you need to see?

Keep A Steady Head

Make more putts with better distance and direction

Out on the LPGA Tour, if you’re averaging somewhere in the 28-29 putts per round, you’re considered among the best putters out here.