Hot Or Not: 2013 Edition

Here's the skinny on everything

Adjustable drivers are everywhere, and in some cases, the technology isn’t limited to just drivers (we’ve seen adjustable fairway woods and hybrids, too).

Ian Poulter

Classic swing, modern day result

There’s no doubt Ian Poulter can golf his ball.

Push Your Putt

Make more putts with a push

One of the more common putting mistakes I see from my students is a lack of acceleration through the ball.

Throw A Fastball

Learn to swing like you throw

The golf swing is an athletic move.

April 2013

Hot new gear you should have

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Belly Ache!

What to make of the anchored putting-style ban

In 1924, a professional golfer named Leo Diegel started putting in the most unusual way.

Bust Bad Habits!

Lose bad habits and start shooting lower scores right now!
Bust Bad Habits!

In golf, there are two mistakes you can make. The first is a mistake that’s easy to identify.

Short Game Prowess

Knock it stiff more often

When you think about it, short shots don’t get the attention they deserve.