No Layoffs!

No matter how hard you work at achieving a technically sound golf swing, once in a while you’ll encounter a small flaw that causes your shots to run amuck. One of the most overlooked and easy-to-fix mistakes golfers make involves the position of the hands at the top of the backswing. For all intents and purposes, you can have a perfect weight shift, a great arm extension, a powerful coil, and the perfect head and spine position, but if you don’t have your hands holding the clubshaft properly at the top of the swing–well, the downswing may as well be doomed from the start.

April 2007

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Now Playing: PING Redwood PING putters dominated golf for much of the ’70s and ’80s with putter designs like the Anser that set the standard for all heel-toe-weighted models that followed. In recent years, PING’s engineers have continued to develop new concepts and technologies, which have included extreme MOI mallets as well as a variety Read more…

Training Aids

A plethora of training aids are available today to help improve various elements of the golf swing. From building golf muscles to learning the proper swing plane to adding flexibility, it’s all covered, even putting.

Turn The Chin

Too often, I’ve watched golfers set up to the ball correctly with a consistent routine, good alignment and solid posture. But in the last few seconds of the setup, during the moment when the golfer takes a last look at the hole, the setup falls apart, gets cockeyed and the golfer can’t help but hit the ball any which way but straight. Sound familiar?