Swing Management 101

How to find your flaw and fix it right away

There are countless possible flaws in the golf swing that can lead to an endless variety of bad shots. However, in my 14 years of teaching golf, there are a few recurring swing flaws that afflict both amateurs and touring professionals alike. These flaws lead to a series of negative chain reactions during the swing and eventually wreak havoc on one’s ability to make a repetitive and powerful golf swing.

June 2007

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Now Playing: Nickent 4DX Nickent continues to ride high after the stellar West Coast swing of Tour player, Jeff Quinney. But the red-hot Nationwide grad’s top 10 finishes shouldn’t be your only exposure to this great brand. The recently released 4DX driver uses Tungsten-polymer XW weights to achieve optimal weight characteristics for golfers who either Read more…

Copy This, Not That

Four things you shouldn't copy from today's top touring professionals

It’s no secret that you can learn a lot from watching the world’s best golfers. They hit some amazing shots, make incredible putts and hit the ball extraordinary lengths. And while there’s a lot of swing cues we should try and copy from the pros, there are four things I think most amateurs have no business trying to duplicate.

Turn, Don’t Slide

Many players tell me that they’re trying to load their right side or get to their right side in the backswing, but in almost all cases, that player is sliding back instead of turning.

Hybrid Chips

Okay, so you’ve missed the green by a few feet and are left with a fluffy, unpredictable lie. Situations like this aren’t uncommon here at Poipu Bay in Kauai (and probably your home course too), but with a quick pointer on greenside chipping, I think I can help you get up and down more often than not from this tricky position. How? With the most versatile and forgiving club in your bag.

Anthony Kim

Tour rookie Anthony Kim, or AK as he’s also known, has a lot in common with another well-known (#1 in the world) Tour player from southern California. A former Junior World champ and big-time junior golfer, AK earned both Freshman of the Year and All-American honors at The University of Oklahoma.

Showcase: Titleist & Cobra Go Big

Titleist and Cobra, though owned by the same parent company, are equipment manufacturers that have had quite different design philosophies in the past. Titleist has always been known for tradition and performance, while Cobra products are normally associated with more progressive looks and distance-oriented performance.

Tempo Is Tops

Without question, two of the most important factors that affect the golf swing are balance and tempo. If you don’t have balance, then you won’t have consistency. And if you lack a consistent tempo, you can kiss control goodbye.

May 2007

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Now Playing: The Heat Is On! New for 2007, TaylorMade is proud to announce the return of the Burner Series, replete with a handful of new options for the player seeking to maximize distance. Among the stable of new Burner stuff is a driver, fairway wood and hybrid, as well as a few options in Read more…

Training Aids 2008

When it comes to training aids, it’s important to know that they must be used properly and with regularity for improvement to take place. Most importantly, though, is choosing the proper aid for your particular problem. Like a fitted set of golf clubs, the right training aid can bring significant improvement–if it’s right for you. To make sure you choose the one that’s best suited to your problem, it’s a good idea to consult with your pro and discuss his or her feelings regarding what your needs are and what aid would be most helpful.