Vijay Drill 2/11/08

A great way to eliminate blocks and hooks and develop a slight, controllable fade with the driver is to use one of Vijay Singh’s favorite drills. To begin, place a water bottle a couple of inches in front of the ball and slightly outside the target line. A proper placement of the bottle should have Read more…

July 2007

The latest in golf equipment, instruction, training aids, apparel & more

Now Playing: Back In Black Finally! We’ve been waiting for a 460cc version of the r7 Quad for a couple years now, and this year the people at TaylorMade Golf answered the call. For starters, the new r7 Superquad ($399) is not only the best adjustable-weight driver the company has ever produced, it’s also the Read more…

Tips From The Tour With Brady Riggs

These Guys’ Swings Stand The Test Of Time

All of us who love the game of golf have, at least once in our lives, dreamed of playing at the highest level against the pros. Of course, it’s a dream that very few get to actually live out, but it’s also a dream that drives us all to try and improve. In reality, golf is one of the few sports that actually allows amateur participants to use the same tools and play on the same tracks as the world’s best, and as a result, we all probably feel more kinship with the elite than enthusiasts in other disciplines._Ê Even neophyte players have brushes with greatness when they strike one solid iron shot or hole a long putt, an experience that tends to get them hooked on the game for good.


Cure Your Yips!

Can't knock it in from five feet? My tips will cure your yips!

Why do people get the yips? From a lack of confidence they feel after missing short putts and from anticipating poor impact.

Kenny Perry

Check out Kenny Perry's outstanding power move

At 46 years of age, you’d think Tour veteran Kenny Perry would be struggling to keep up with today’s young guns. After all, the closer players get to the Champions Tour, the shorter they’re supposed to hit it. Not Perry. As of this year’s PLAYERS Championship, the Kentuckian is ranked 21st in Driving Distance, placing him six spots (and 1.1 yards) ahead of Tiger Woods.

Use Your Head

Learn to improve your scores without changing your swing

What’s your goal in the game of golf?_Ê If it’s primarily to enjoy the outdoors or spend time with friends and family on the links, then you probably don’t need a lot of instruction. For most of us who love the game, however, the challenge of playing well and competing is a major part of why we’re hooked.

New Steel

Check Out Cleveland's New High Tech Irons

Think maybe somebody down in Huntington Beach is a USC Trojan fan? Perhaps, but the college football stalwart USC has nothing to do with a pair of the newest, most innovative irons to come from Cleveland Golf’s HQ. Called the CG RED ($699) and CG GOLD irons ($599), these two models are loaded with a host of next-generation technologies designed to accommodate virtually any type of player.

Back To The Wall

Hit more fairways with a correct swing path

One of the most common swing flaws occurs when golfers take the club too far inside the target line on the backswing. Usually, this move is caused by a backswing that’s controlled by the hips and the dipping of the shoulders away from the ball. And, as you may guess, this move leads to a handful of bad shots, including pushes, topped shots, slices and duck hooks.

Living The Game

St. James Plantation, Southport, N.C.

St. James’ legacy lives on in many forms. Numerous churches, hospitals and even a Broadway theater have been named after the patron saint of equestrians (among other things). There aren’t any horses at St. James Plantation in Southport, N.C., but there’s plenty of wide-open space, a nature trail and Waterway Park contained within the private community’s 5,000 acres.

3 Days In The Idaho Panhandle

In our modern times, unless your last name is Trump, Kaiser (Bandon Dunes) or Kohler (Whistling Straits), chances are good that a new course with killer views will, eventually, sprout homes alongside its tightly mown fairways. After all, building golf courses ain’t cheap, and many new public access layouts are conceived with real estate in mind. Recently, however, that model has been changing.