10 Best Swing Tips Ever!

Follow These Drills To Shore Up Your All-Around Game
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Every good golfer knows that power comes from the body, not the arms. To learn to power the club with your body instead of your arms and hands, put the club behind the ball at address, with your body in a dead-stop position. Without taking a backswing, try to drag the ball into the air. execute.

Impact: Driver Vs. Iron

Learn The Differences For Solid Contact

There’s at least one basic certainty in golf and that is that good, solid contact produces quality shots. Every player, even those who compete on the PGA Tour, knows this and strives to perfect the moment of impact. Unfortunately, many recreational golfers don’t make high-quality contact as often as they should, in part because they simply don’t know the key elements necessary to do so.

Short Game CPR

How To Resuscitate Your Short Game With Three Simple Tips

When someone refers to saving your score on a particular hole, it typically requires a chip, pitch or bunker shot to get the ball up and down. These three shots can have the biggest impact on your score when learned and executed properly, since you can only do so much to make up strokes from the tee box or on the green.

Showcase: Ping Sounds Off

PING golf clubs have always been closely associated with technology and advanced engineering, which isn’t surprising, considering the long tradition the company has of creating products that adhere to the “form follows function” philosophy.

November-December 2007

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Now Playing: Cleveland VP Putters When it comes to putting, nothing is more important than proper alignment. If you’re misaligned, your likelihood of sinking a putt greatly diminishes, no matter how smooth and repetitive your stroke may be. According to Cleveland Golf, the key to becoming proficient at aligning putts first requires that your eyes Read more…

Keep It Stable!

Why solid putting demands a stable base.

If you want to become a better putter, you have to learn to stabilize the lower body as much as possible. All great putters have a rock-steady lower half and swing the putter from above the waist. Now, deciding whether you’re a hands-driven putter or a shoulder-driven putter (or both!) is a matter of personal style, but one thing is for sure: No matter how you choose to swing with the upper body, the lower body must stay as still as possible.

Golf in the Gulf

Great golf runs abundant in Alabama's Gulf Shores

I’m willing to bet everything in my meager Roth IRA that about as many people know that Alabama has a scenic shoreline on the Gulf Coast of Mexico as know how to spell “Kyrgyzstan” (which has to be one awesome play in Scrabble).

Napa North

The Okanagan Valley in Canada?s British Columbia is packed with spectacular golf and extraordinary wine.

If the Okanagan Valley of Canada’s British Columbia is considered the best place in the country for winemaking, then consider the golf in the area to be the perfect filet mignon. Located just an hour by air from Seattle with the beautiful town of Kelowna serving as its anchor, the Okanagan Valley has become a wonderful retreat for both fans of exciting golf and delectable wine.

When To Slice It 3/24/08

For the slice, simply do the opposite of what I did on the left-hand page. Here, I’ve created a steeper backswing, which will make my goal easier to attain. My followthrough is different as well (see inset). Notice how, this time, the back of my left hand is more visible in my followthrough? This is Read more…

4 Ways To Score With A Hybrid

Learn These Key Shots To Shoot Lower Scores

By now, you’ve probably realized that hybrid clubs are a lot easier to hit than traditionally shaped long irons. The ball flies higher and lands softer with a hybrid, making them ideal for shots deep in the fairway that require a soft landing on the green. But what you may not know is hybrid clubs are also designed to perform well from a variety of other locations on the golf course. From the rough, the fringe, even the bunker—the hybrid can be an effective tool for saving your score.