“It isn’t easy turning a speech into a book,” according to Charles Mechem Jr, a former lawyer, business executive, and LPGA Commissioner (1990-1995).

As a seasoned veteran of countless speeches throughout his distinguished career, the 92-year-old Mechem turned that challenge into his third book after addressing fellow members at The Tradition Golf Club in La Quinta, about his memories as an intimate advisor to two of the game’s icons, Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer. With plenty encouragement to publicly share his stories of The King and Golden Bear, the end result is the newly released Arnie and Jack: Stories of My Long Friendship with Two Remarkable Men.

“I can say with complete conviction that there isn’t a person, past or present, who knows more about Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus, and the stories that took place between the two of us — and individually — than Charlie Mechem,” said Nicklaus.

Having spent more than 50 years as a friend, business partner, and legal advisor to Nicklaus and Palmer, the 152-page book is packed with an extensive collection of photographs along with 46 quick-read stories and anecdotes filled with energy and wit portraying why these great icons of the course excelled at both work and play. Some of the recollections he shares are individual stories about Arnie or Jack and some are stories about the two of them together. They all combine to give readers a unique view of two of the most memorable people in golf.

“They were very different in many ways yet very alike in others, particularly in their view of the sanctity of the game; the ethics, the morality, the sportsmanship,” said Mechem, who loved the friendship but was terrified of playing golf with either because as a 16-handicapper standing over the ball and the greatest golfers in the world watching it was hard to remain committed. “What may have set them apart was that Arnie’s public and private persona were identical because he loved people and they loved him but with Jack, his private life is that of being deep family man, yet was all business on the course.”


Arnie and Jack is published by Mission Point Press and includes forewords by Jack Nicklaus and Doc Giffin, Arnold Palmer’s personal assistant for 50 years. It is available in ebook and print versions at Amazon. For other retail locations, please visit www.charliemechem.com

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