A National Golf Day Love Affair

A 1-Iron, The Open Road And A Personal Challenge

national golf day 1-iron story

Happy National Golf Day!

Actually, as far as I’m concerned EVERY day is National Golf Day. If you’re reading this, you probably agree. For us diehards, there are 365 opportunities to tee it up every year, God (and frost delays, and thunderstorms, and snowstorms) willing.

Still, this is our day.

So, instead of spouting off what great shape the game is in on the heels of Tiger’s Masters win, or reciting facts and figures from the data eggheads, or urging you to get out and play (like you need an excuse), I decided to revive one my favorite columns from my old magazine, Fairways + Greens, originally titled “Tale Of The Traveling 1-Iron.”

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